Whenever troubleshooting a connection issue, the following questions should be answered to ensure the configuration is correct.
  1. Is the printer connected correctly via Wireless or Ethernet?
  2. Does the printer have a valid IP address?
  3. Can I ping the printer’s IP address from a device on the same network as the printer?
  4. Is the remote server URL in
    correct and does it point to the remote server that is configured for weblink functionality?
  5. Can you connect to the location defined in the
    setting via a browser?
  6. Is the remote server I am attempting to connect to outside the corporate firewall?
  7. Can the URL specified in
    be accessed?
    If this is the case, talk with your administrator about altering restrictions for accessing HTTPS connections.
  8. Does the firewall require a username and password to access the remote server?
  9. Do I require a proxy server to access the remote server?
  10. Is the proxy server port the default (1080) or another port (for example, 3128 for the Linux Squid proxy)?
    If using the Linux Proxy Server Squid, and you are having trouble connecting, note that it may be configured to:
    • disallow POST messages
    • only operate in HTTP/1.0 mode 3
    • disallow SSL connections.
    Refer to your Linux Squid documentation for complete details.
  11. Does the firewall permit HTTPS connections initially or do I need to connect via HTTP first?
  12. Is the remote server configured to use a supported version of TLS?
    Zebra currently supports TLS 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 and recommends using the most recent version whenever possible. Earlier versions may not be supported in the future.
  13. Are the Zebra Certificate Authority Certificates correctly installed on the remote server?
  14. Was the server’s certificate issued by Zebra and is it signed by the Zebra Certificate Authority?
  15. Has the server’s certificate expired?
  16. Is the printer’s date and time within the issue and expired period of the server’s certificate?
  17. Does the value in
    match either the Common Name or one of the names listed in the Subject Alternate Name of the remote server’s certificate?
  18. Is the proxy server configured correctly and does the respective proxy server allow HTTPS connections via the HTTP CONNECT method?
  19. Are there any HTTP authentication attempts when trying to connect that fail?
  20. Are there any HTTP/1.1 4xx messages in the log?
    If your connection issues persist and the solutions in this document do not help, contact Zebra Tech Support and provide the output of the following command. Ensure that logging is enabled and that the error(s) appear within the entries)
    ! U1 getvar "weblink"