SGD Wireless Commands
SGD Wireless Commands

SGD Wireless Commands

This chapter provides a high-level overview of the wireless Set / Get / Do (SGD) commands and details on each SGD command.
SGD commands are available in printers with the following firmware versions or later:
  • V60.16.2Z or later
  • V60.15.xZ or later
  • V50.15.xZ or later
  • V61.15.xZ or later
  • V56.15.xZ or later
  • V53.16.x or later
  • V53.15.2Z or later
  • R53.16.3Z or later
  • R60.15.8Z or later
  • R62.15.8Z or later
  • R63.15.8Z or later
  • R65.15.8Z or later
The commands listed in this chapter are for use with the Wireless Print Server and Wireless Plus Print Server, when used with firmware version V60.15.x, V50.15.x, or later.