API Specification
API Specification

API Specification

The API Specification includes the Access Point API controller and the Access Point User API controller and is used to set up the customer Access Point database..
  • Sites
    are locations, which may be different stores, hospitals, or other entities that have different AP and AP user information. Sites are not explicitly added, but created when the APs are added. The specification allows displaying sites.
  • Access Points
    , or
    , are the Wi-Fi entities in which AP Users are attached to and used for communication. The specification allows adding, deleting, and displaying APs.  APs are uniquely defined by BSSID and may also be identified through an Asset Name. APs are associated with a location-related name which can be displayed to users.
  • AP Users
    are the users/devices those are  attached to the APs. The specification allows adding, deleting, and retrieving AP users.
The REST API Specification can be found at https://prod1-essentials.pttpro.zebra.com:9443/apname/v1/swagger-ui.html and  and is described in the LAS Customer Administrator Guide.