The following prerequisites are mandatory to enable for the WFC Location Area Service:
Prerequisites - Customer Administrator
Prerequisites Data
LAS Instance Swagger URL
LAS Instance Portal URL
Required to access the portal and manage LAS data. Portal URL
LAS URL for PTT Pro Application
Required to configure the PTT Pro app to connect to the LAS and provide location information. This URL is specified in the wfclasServerURL parameter
Customer ID
Required for PTT Pro clients to use LAS, as well as for direct use of the LAS API. Zebra provides the Customer ID to the customer.
API Key (token)
Required for PTT Pro clients to use LAS, as well as for direct use of the LAS API. Zebra provides the  API Key (token) to the customer.
Customer Username and Password
Required to log in the LAS Portal, where customer can import a CSV file containing AP information. See Import File Format information regarding the CSV file format.
WFC PTT Pro Client Version
Use version 3.2.10087 or later.
Current PTT Pro JSON file.  LAS objects are added to this file as mentioned  in PTT Pro Client Configuration.
Device location MUST be enabled
This is required to access the associated BSSID information and to pass it to the WFC Location Area Service Server.
Access Points Configuration Information
Mapping information between BSSIDs and Location Friendly Name for each site is required. For more information on these fields, see Import File Format
Site for Each PTT Pro Client
The proper site must be identified for each user.