PTT Pro Client Configuration
PTT Pro Client Configuration

PTT Pro Client Configuration

PTT Pro Client applications are configured via the JSON file to enable LAS capabilities.
The JSON file includes the following:
    (defined in table 1)
  • Token/API-key
    (defined in table 1)
  • Site ID
    for this device. This is the same as the site name defined in the CSV that was created and imported in
  • Customer ID
    (defined in table 1)
  • ShowServerConfig
    parameter, which controls whether the user of this device can view LAS parameters in PTT Pro.
These parameters are necessary to accurately correlate the client to a customer and a site to exchange LocationFriendlyNames based on associated BSSID.
If you already have a PTT Pro Android Client JSON file, this parameters can be inserted into the existing file.
This sample shows only LAS objects.
{ "wfclasShowServerConfig":true, "wfclasServerURL":, " wfclasServerToken":"insert_your_token", " wfclasSiteID”:"insert_your_site", " wfclasCustomerID":"insert_your_customer_id" }
When LAS is used with WFC Profile Client, the Site ID and Customer ID are not required in the JSON file.