Administration Steps
Administration Steps

Administration Steps

This section describes the procedures to set up the AP database for the LAS Server. There are two methods for setting up and modifying this database. This section describes doing a bulk upload of AP information using the LAS Portal. This is the simplest method of loading the initial AP database.
Refer to the LAS API REST API  for information on modifying individual APs and users (i.e. the PTT Pro client users).
Prerequisites for uploading CSV files follows:
  • Customer Wireless Access Point (WAP) Infrastructure for each site
    • List of APs with listed identifiers
    • BSSID for each AP
    • User-friendly name for each BSSID
  • LAS  Portal Administrator privileges
Procedure to set up Location Area Service follows:
  1. Create a CSV file, The file format is  described in Import File Format (CSV) .
  2. Navigate to 
    Imports AP
  3. Select and upload the CSV file.
  4. Navigate to
    page to verify the additions.