Establishing PTT Communication
Establishing PTT Communication

Establishing PTT Communication

A user starts a PTT communication by pressing the Group Broadcast button. Those receiving the communication can respond with another broadcast message or a private message.
While the user presses the PTT communication key the user will not be able to use other device keys to perform separate tasks. In general, pressing multiple keys simultaneously will lead to inconsistent client behavior.
To establish PTT communication:
  1. A user presses the Group Broadcast button to initiate communication.
  2. The initial message is broadcast to all users in the form of a Group Broadcast.
  3. After the initial broadcast message, the users have two options:
    • Any user can continue the Group Broadcast by pressing the Group Broadcast button.
    • The intended recipient can turn the conversation into a Private Response with the originator of the broadcast message, using the Private Response button.