It is recommended (but not required) that the enterprise device is associated on the network before installing the PTT Express client on the device. Since at the end of the installation procedure, the device reboots and a start up tone is played to indicate that the PTT Express application is functional.
The default keys used for triggering PTT Express calls need to be remapped when installing PTT Express on the devices. See Device Configuration.
In order to obtain application software or any available update files please go to the Zebra website Once purchased, the requestor is assigned a username and password to access and download the client.
You cannot install PTT Express version 4.0.x on devices with Android 10 or below.
Only PTT Express version 4.0.x and higher, can be installed on specific Zebra mobile computer devices running Android 11 and above. Earlier versions of PTT Express are pre-installed on Zebra devices.
PTT Express Android client v3.1.46 and above requires a Zebra license to use the application. Refer to the Zebra Licensing User Guide for information on installing license for this application.
PTT Express is not supported on Non-Zebra devices.