Feature-based Licensing
Feature-based Licensing

Feature-based Licensing

When WFC Voice purchase orders are processed, an Activation ID (AID) is generated by the licensing system. Versions of WFC Voice earlier than 9.0.20306 used AID-based licensing, where the AID had to be entered into the client. AIDs were sent from the WFC Voice client to the licensing system, and the licensing system then returned the feature licenses (PBX types) associated with that AID back to the client.
In WFC Voice versions 9.0.20306 and later, licensing is based on the feature licenses, eliminating the need to enter the AID into the client. Feature-based licensing allows the WFC Voice client to request feature licenses for the PBX types configured in the device.
How feature-based licensing is performed depends on the customer deployment.
  • When deployment includes Extension Manager, WFC Voice is automatically licensed with the required feature licenses. The Extension Manager token assists in configuring your devices to access Extension Manager, which is where they are licensed.
  • For deployments not using Extension Manager, licensing of WFC Voice is triggered by a Direct Access token programmed into the device using one of the methods discussed in Quick Activation. The token is an alphanumeric string that associates a device with a customer. Once the device is associated with a customer using a token, the client can request feature licenses based on its configuration.
Advantages of feature-based licensing are:
  •   Eliminates the need to enter 32 digit AIDs in the client.
  •   Automated licensing when deployed using Extension Manager.
  •   Improved reliability and response time during licensing.