Assigned Tab
Assigned Tab

Assigned Tab

View the Licenses tab by navigating to
. This tab displays the devices that have been assigned licenses.
Assigned Tab Features
In Use
Green or
indicates that the feature license is currently held by the device.
indicates that the license is no longer held by the device.
Solid blue indicates that the license has been released from this device. This occurs, for example, via obsoletion or via standard license pooling at the Extension Manager.
Blue with a red outline indicates a premium license not currently in use by a device, but the license is still assigned to the device. This occurs, for example, when a device using a premium license logs out of the Extension Manager. To release the license, the device must be obsoleted.
Device ID
The device holding the license. Note that since WFC Voice requires a base license and one or more PBX licenses, each device ID appears multiple times.
Green or
indicates a valid license.
Red or
indicates that the license has expired, been removed from the account, or is invalid in some other way.
Feature licenses associated with purchased products. Refer to Feature Licenses for more information about each feature license. This is also displayed on the Licenses tab.
Maximum software version supported by the license. Applies to Base licenses only. This is also displayed on the Licenses tab.
Indicates if this is a trial license otherwise, this column is blank.
PBX using the feature license. This matches the License column except when the Standard license is used. For Standard licenses, the License column indicates
and the Feature column indicates the specific PBX requested by the device.
Date and time that the license expires.
App Version
WFC Voice version used by this device is represented by the last part of the version. For example, for version 9.0.20406, only 20406 displays.
Updated on
Last date and time the device was in contact with the Provisioning Manager.
Assigned on
Initial date and time the device requested this license.