Activate with an MDM
Activate with an MDM

Activate with an MDM

Configuring WFC Voice using an MDM requires a deployment package and the WFC Voice configuration file. The configuration file
stores all WFC Voice configuration parameters, including licensing information, as key and value pairs. For a complete list of parameters, see XML Tags.
Define the licensing information using the following XML tags:
  • license_key - For versions of WFC Voice earlier than 9.0.20306, this contains one or more WFC Voice activation IDs separated by commas. For WFC Voice 9.0.20306 or later, this contains the token.
    Activation ID Example:
    Token Example:
  • license_source - URL of a license source server (optional). Not used in WFC Voice 9.0.20306 or later.
    When license_source is not defined, the WFC Voice Client uses the default license source. Do not change the license_source parameter unless instructed to by Zebra Support.
  • license_alias - Identifies the device on the license source. (Optional). Not used in WFC Voice 9.0.20306 or later.