Activating Manually
Activating Manually

Activating Manually

Activate WFC Voice by entering your token or activation ID(s).
  1. Open WFC Voice to display the activation screen.
    App activation screens foractivatingwith a token and with a key
    Toggle button
    Clear all fields
  2. If you see the
    Waiting for Configuration
    screen, you must configure the PBX type(s).
    WFC Voice Sign In Screen With Waiting for Configuration
    1. Touch
      Three line menu icon
    2. Enter the settings password.
      The default password is
    3. Touch
      Connection Parameters
    4. Select a PBX configuration.
      The default configuration is
      PBX#1 Configuration
    5. Touch
      PBX#1 Type
      and select your PBX.
    6. Touch Back until you return to the
      App Activation
  3. In the text field, enter your activation ID(s) separated by commas, or enter your token.
    Licenses are acquired from the default licensing source.
  4. To enter a device alias (versions of WFC Voice earlier than 9.0.20306), touch the
    toggle button
    and, in the
    device alias
    field, enter a name to identify the device on the license source.
  5. Touch
    Register App
    screen appears.