Choosing a Theme
Choosing a Theme

Choosing a Theme

Choose a theme using the GUI, XML, Extension Manager, or Profile Manager.
Available in WFC Voice 9.0.214xx or later.
  1. In Settings, select
    Choose Theme
  2. Select a color using one of the following methods.
    • Touch a color on the color wheel.
    • Touch the hexadecimal digits to manually enter a value in Alpha Red Green Blue (ARGB) format. For example, #FFFFFFFF is the color white.
      Make sure to prefix # in the Hex color. For example, If you have RGB color, write as  #FF.
    • Touch
      to return to the default theme.
  3. Touch
The theme changes to the chosen color. Depending on how light or dark the theme color is, the color of some text and icons may also change.
XML example of choosing a theme.
<WFConnect> <Profile> <base_theme>#FFFF0059</base_theme> </Profile> ... </WFConnect>