Configuring the Add Call Button
Configuring the Add Call Button

Configuring the Add Call Button

Configure the Add Call button using the GUI or XML.
During an active call the Add Call button can dial a preset number. If there is no number in the Value field, it opens the dialer. The current call is placed on hold while the new call is initiated. When the new call connects, you can Transfer, Conference, or End the second call and resume the first call.
Only available on the In-Call screen only.
  1. In UI Settings, select
    Edit In-Call
  2. Select the new button. A yellow box appears around the selected button.
  3. Touch
  4. Select the check box next to
    Confirm On Click
    to enable this (the default is Disabled).
  5. Touch
    and select
  6. In the
    field, enter
    Add Call
  7. In the
    field, enter a short description of the button function.
  8. Touch
    and select an icon from the
    Select Icon
    menu. See Icons.
  9. Touch
    to set the background color. See Setting Button Background Color.
  10. Touch
    to set the foreground text color. See Setting Button Text Color.
  11. Touch the
    button to return to the WFC Voice home screen.
XML example of the Add Call button.
<CallButtons> ... <Button> <title>Add Call</title> <action>ADD_CALL</action> <value></value> <enabled>true</enabled> <confirm>false</confirm> <description>Add a call by opening the dialer </description> <bg_color>#FF001425</bg_color> <fg_color>#FFFFFFFF</fg_color> <icon>Default</icon> </Button> ... </CallButtons>