Creating a Task
Creating a Task

Creating a Task

Supervisors create tasks by selecting a task template or by creating a custom task. An administrator can create task templates using the External API. See the
Workforce Connect Task Tracker Customer Administrator Guide
for more information about the External API.
  1. Open Task Tracker. Task Tracker opens to the
    All Tasks
    The All Tasks screen provides a date filter which you can use to filter tasks by creation date.
    All Tasks screen with date filter at the top of the screen
  2. Tap the
    icon to display the
    Create a Task
    Task Tracker Create a Task screen
  3. Tap
    Task Title
    to choose a pre-defined task or select
    to create a different task.
    1. Enter a task description. The description must be less than 255 characters.
    2. Tap
      Assign to...
      and select an associate or group.
    3. Specify the task priority. Possible values are
      , and
    4. Optionally, set an expiration time for the task. When
      Set Expiration Time
      is selected, you can specify a time and date.
  4. Tap
    to assign the task.