Chapter Descriptions
Chapter Descriptions

Chapter Descriptions

Topics covered in this guide are as follows:
  • Getting Started describes this document.
  • User Interface describes the user interface, which includes tabs for Map, Recent calls and messages, Favorites, Contacts, and Groups.
  • PTT Calling provides information on placing and managing barge calls, ad hoc calls, alert calls, and group calls.
  • Sending Messages provides information on text and image messaging.
  • Task Tracker provides information about creating and accepting tasks.
  • PTT Lite provides information for using PTT Lite on a Zebra WS50 Wearable Computer.
  • Location Based Services provides information on the multiple options available for location tracking and mapping services.
  • Options and Management provides information on voice commands, various operating options, and contact and group management.
  • Voice Commands provides information about using voice commands.
  • Worker Duress provides information regarding the configuration and use of the Worker Duress feature.
  • Device Settings provides information on device settings such as application and sound settings and account information.
  • FAQ & Troubleshooting provides answers to frequently asked questions and solutions for troubleshooting issues.