Revision History
Revision History

Revision History

Changes to the original guide are listed below:
Rev A -01
May 2019
Initial Release.
Rev A -02
October 2019
Add screenshots for EC30.
Rev A -03
December 2019
Updated screenshots to reflect revised navigation drawer icons. In “Talk to a Contact or Group” section, revised text from <username> to <username or FirstName LastName>. (<FirstName LastName> is also known as the Friendly Name.)
Rev A -04
March 2020
Updated to reflect new icons and a list of supported languages.
Rev A -05
May 2020
Added Friendly Access Point and voice command information.
Rev A -06
September 2020
User interface enhancements, voice command features, and notification bar enhancements.
Rev A -07
November 2020
Landscape mode for tablets, voice command updates, new behavior for PTT button.
Rev A -08
March 2021
Voice command updates and supported accessories.
Rev A -09
June 2021
New Worker Duress feature. New headset support.
Rev A -10
November 2021
Added description for Drop Detect and Emergency Call features. New language support for Voice Commands.
Rev A -11
March 2022
Added description of Zebra Workstation Connect.
Rev A -12
June 2022
Added Task Tracker client features and PTT Lite client features.
Rev A - 13
June 2022
Added security notice.
Rev A - 14
September 2022
Updated screenshots for interface changes, updates to PTT Lite, and Settings.
Rev A - 15
October 2022
Added maximum number of contacts, updated data usage, and updated group descriptions.