General Settings
General Settings

General Settings

Access General Settings from the
Call Priority
Select the priority of
Zebra PTT Pro
calls or WFC Voice calls.
  • No Action
    —The user can hear both types of calls at the same time (PTT and Voice). If the user is on a PTT call, the Voice call will still ring through without preempting the PTT call. If the user is on a Voice call, the PTT voice will barge through without preempting the Voice call. So, it allows the user to make the decision at the moment.
  • Current
    —The current call has priority. If the user is on a PTT call, the Voice call will go directly to voicemail. If the user is on a Voice call, then it will not be interrupted.
Only the Voice setting is supported for interaction between the
Zebra PTT Pro
WFC Voice
. Using other Call Priority settings is not recommended when the
Zebra PTT Pro
WFC Voice
applications are both present. Voice is the default setting.
Foreground app on Call
Zebra PTT Pro
to the foreground when receiving a
Zebra PTT Pro
When this option is disabled and the device is locked,
PTT Pro for Android
comes to the foreground when an incoming PTT call arrives. The user can respond to the incoming PTT call using the available Push To Talk button.
Wake Display at Call Start
Checking this will unlock and wake up the display when a
Zebra PTT Pro
call starts. Deselecting this option is only applicable if Foreground Zebra PTT Pro on Call is not selected.
Hide Tabs
Hide the Tab Bar and use the Navigation Drawer to change screens.
Enable Location
If enabled, the device location will be sent to the server, and displayed on the map tab of other devices within the organization.
Cluster Start Threshold
Zebra PTT Pro
can group or cluster users shown on the map, allowing the user to place a call to all contacts within that cluster. Use this setting to determine the number of users clustered together.
Map with a Cluster Threshold of Three (3)
Map view with a user cluster in PTT Pro
Activate DnD in Silent Mode
Activate Do not Disturb when the device is put in silent mode.
Activate DnD in Vibrate Mode
Activate Do not Disturb when the device is put in vibrate mode.
Start Call with Speakerphone
Start all calls with the speaker enabled.
Allowed Screen Orientation
Configure the screen to display in either portrait or landscape orientation.
Default Callee
The default contact or group to call when
Zebra PTT Pro
is in the background, or in the foreground and no contact or group is selected.
Enable Surveillance Call
Dim and display the full screen during a call.
Surveillance Call Brightness
Set screen brightness during a call when a Surveillance Call is enabled. Higher values are brighter.
Allow Bluetooth Audio
Use a connected Bluetooth headset for call audio. This does not affect Bluetooth PTT key operation.
Bluetooth Always On
Enable this option to always keep the connection to a Bluetooth device open. This will improve the initial call start performance at a cost to battery life on both the Bluetooth device and the phone.
Show Adhoc Call Warning
Display a warning message before placing Ad hoc calls to the specified number of users.
Adhoc Call Warning Threshold
Sets the number of users above which a warning is displayed.
End Call via Double Key Press
Enables the user to double press the Push To Talk button to end the current PTT call.
PTT Button double press speed
The number of milliseconds between button presses to trigger the double key press feature. A higher number allows more time between button presses.
Sign out on power connection
When enabled, the user is automatically signed out from
Zebra PTT Pro
when the device is put into a cradle to charge. This prevents the device from receiving PTT calls and notification while it is charging.
When a device is placed into the cradle with Workstation Connect, this setting is ignored.
WFC Location Area Service (WFC-LAS)
  • Server URL
      sets the WFC Location Area Service server URL.
  • Server Token
    sets the API token to authorize the connection to the WFC-LAS server.
Server (IWG)
  • Server URL
    sets the Internetworking Gateway server URL to upload audio and video messages.
  • Enable IWG
    enables Internetworking Gateway for media.
  • API Token
      sets the API token to upload audio and video messages.
  • HTTP Upload Method
    specifies the HTTP upload method, POST or PUT.