Sending Location Information
Sending Location Information

Sending Location Information

Enterprise administrators have the option to configure
Zebra PTT Pro
to send location Information from the mobile device back to the
Workforce Connect PTT Pro Management Portal
Administrators can control the following location services:
Administrator controlled
Administrators can set location information to
without giving individual users the ability to change settings.
User controlled
If the administrator has set
Zebra PTT Pro
location setting to
Allow Location Disable
to ON, the user has the ability to enable or disable sending location information to the
Workforce Connect PTT Pro Management Portal
Duty Mode
Duty mode allows the user to stop and start sending location information. When the user is Off duty, they are available for PTT calls and messages, but location information is not sent to the server. If a user engages in a PTT call while Off duty, the user is reset back to On duty.
If both Duty Mode and Location are turned on in the Zebra PTT Pro Management Portal, Duty Mode takes priority and will display, the Enable/Disable Location option does not appear.
In the following example, the user has permission to change when they are Off Duty.
User is Online but Off Duty
Off duty user in PTT Pro
In this example, the user is On Duty and sharing location.
User is Online and On Duty
User is online and on duty in PTT Pro