Talker Override and Preemption
Talker Override and Preemption

Talker Override and Preemption

Zebra PTT Pro
supports the Talker Override/Preemption feature with group types Enterprise Open, Enterprise Closed, and Dispatch.
During a call, a user with Talker Override can press the PTT button to speak while a user without Talker Override is speaking, interrupting the speaking user. Multiple Talker Override users requesting to speak are managed on a first-come first-serve basis.
Users can be assigned Talker Override capability when they are added as members to a group in the PTT Pro Management Portal.
The Broadcast Group supports a preemption feature. Whenever a Broadcast call is made, it will preempt every other call the members of the Broadcast Group are currently participating in. Once the user has heard the broadcast message, the user can make other PTT calls again.
Talker Override/Preemption is not related to Call Override. Talker Override relates to interactions during a call, while Call Override relates to interactions between calls