Alert Call from the Contacts Tab
Alert Call from the Contacts Tab

Alert Call from the Contacts Tab

To make an alert call:
  1. Tap the
  2. Select the desired contact.
    Locate the contact by scrolling through the list of contacts, or perform a search by selecting the magnifying glass icon. After selecting the magnifying glass icon, begin entering the contact name. As each letter is entered, the relevant matches are displayed in the contact list. Keep entering until a match is found. The contact search string is a “sticky” search, meaning that the letters entered remain in the search field until cleared. Entering a string without a match will cause no contacts to be displayed. Clear the search string to review all contacts.
  3. Press and hold the contact to open the secondary menu.
    Make a PTT alert call
  4. Select
    Alert Call
    PTT Alert Call pop-up
    When the contact accepts, the user is placed on the call. To cancel the call while waiting for a response, select
    Cancel Alert