Tab Icons
Tab Icons

Tab Icons

Tab Icons
Map (only available on devices with Google Mobile Services)
Recent Messages and Calls
Recent (call and message history)
Favorites (user-selected contacts and groups)
Contacts Icon
Contacts (place your finger on the Contacts list and pull down to refresh)
Groups Icon
Groups (place your finger on the Groups list and pull down to refresh)
Tap to open snack bar
Opens to show icons for additional
PTT Pro for Android
modules such as Task Tracker and Broadcast Messaging.
Navigation Menu
Navigation Drawer (switch views, Do Not Disturb, Settings)
PTT Button
Push To Talk (Tap to make a call)
PTT Pro Message Icon
Text, audio, or video message
WFC Voice Launcher
Voice (Opens WFC Voice application if configured)
Contacts with Tab Bar Enabled
PTT Pro for Android Tab Bar