About Voice Commands
About Voice Commands

About Voice Commands

Voice commands do not work on bring your own device (BYOD) or Zebra devices where the Push To Talk (PTT) button is not available, or is used for other purposes.
Zebra PTT Pro
WFC Voice
are installed on the device, both apps must have voice commands either enabled or disabled. Setting voice commands to on in one app and off in the other app may cause unexpected behavior when using voice commands.
When using a voice command to talk, message, or locate a contact and multiple entries are found, the system prompts you to make a choice. Only the first three entries are made available when using voice commands.
  • If no entries are found, the system responds that the entry was not found.
  • If an invalid selection is made, the system responds I do not understand.
Two beeps indicate that the system has stopped listening for voice commands. Press and release Push To Talk again to start a new voice command.