Receiving a Duress Alert
Receiving a Duress Alert

Receiving a Duress Alert

Recipients receive the Duress alert as a new message in the
Recent Screen with Duress Message
Recent screen for Duress alert recipient
Recipients can open the message to view additional details regarding the alert, as shown in following figure:
Contents of a Duress Message
Contents of a Duress message
The Duress message can include the following information:
Duress Message Contents
Message Field
Default message
Configured through the
parameter. The message is optional.
Alert sent from <user_name>
Name of the user that initiated the alert.
Current Location
A link to the longitude and latitude of the device in Google Maps. This requires that GPS and location services are enabled.
Department Name
Name of the PTT Pro department. Note that departments can be associated to create a larger recipient audience.
Access Point Name
The name of the access point to which the device is connected. This requires Location Area Service.
A recipient can make a PTT call to the alert initiator from the message. The initiator and all active recipients can communicate as many times as necessary. The alert initiator’s screen returns to the Request Help screen.
PTT Call from Duress Message
PTT call from Duress message