Manual Installation
Manual Installation

Manual Installation

Installing the Zebra Workstation Connect APK on the mobile device is required and provides features that enhance the user experience on an external monitor (secondary screen).
To manually install the application, follow the steps below.
  1. Install the APK (com.zebra.workstationconnect.release.apk) on the device by following a standard process. For example, adb install <path to> com.zebra.workstationconnect.release.apk or save the file on the device and run it directly.
  2. Grant permission to deploy the APK over the other applications by tapping and holding the Workstation Connect application icon on the mobile device screen.
    App Info > Advanced > Display over other apps > Allowed
  3. Enable Desktop Mode by enabling the following system settings on the mobile device:
    1. Enable Developer Options:
      Settings > About Phone > Build number 7 times.
    2. Enable Desktop Mode on the Menu:
      Settings > System > Advanced > Developer Options
    If the application is not designed to be resizable, enable
    Force activities to be resizable
    . Reviewing the behavior of all applications when utilizing Zebra Workstation Connect and enabling this option is recommended.
  4. After the device is docked into the Workstation Cradle and connected to an HDMI monitor, the mobile device displays the home screen and allows the user to launch and run applications. Simultaneously, the external monitor displays the home screen of Zebra Workstation Connect.