Using the Print Quality Assistance Wizard

Using the Print Quality Assistance Wizard

  1. From the last step of the Print wizard, touch
    Print Quality Assistance
    The printer prompts for the number of test labels to print. The more labels you choose to print, the more choices that you will have available to decide on label quality. In general, if your test label from the previous wizard was acceptable, a lower number of test labels in this step will probably suffice.
  2. Select a number of test labels to print.
    The printer prints the specified number of test labels and prompts you for the preferred test label.
  3. Decide which test label is the optimal quality. (Refer to Evaluating Barcode Quality for assistance.) If none of the labels are acceptable, use the arrow to back up a screen in the wizard, and select a larger number of test labels.
  4. In the list on the display, select the identifier for the test label with the specified quality, and then touch the checkmark.
    The printer changes the darkness and speed to the levels used on the preferred test label.
  5. If necessary, see Printing or Print Quality Issues to see what other issues may be affecting your print quality.
The print setup procedure is complete.