MDF for Best Practices
MDF for Best Practices
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MDF for Best Practices

Suggestions to minimize the undesired multiple outputs when scanning with MDF.
  • Scan barcodes in a vertical orientation.
    Scanning Label in a Vertical Orientation
  • When creating the MDF programming with multiple groups, the Group 1's pattern match should be the most complicated (hardest to match), which equals to the most number of barcodes and criteria. Then Group 2, 3, and so on should be progressively matched more easily.
  • When defining criteria, avoid enabling an output when the pattern is not matched. Set
    Output if NO pattern match
    set as
    Discard bar code.
    Figure Match Setting for Output
  • Select Discard barcode(s) NOT within the pattern match in the 123Scan MDF setting. For more details, select
    What is this?
    located next to this selection.
  • To prevent double decodes of the same symbol, increase the Timeout Between Same Symbols setting. See Timeout Between Decodes, Same Symbol for more details.
  • Turn the scanner's aimer on to assist operators in scanning the barcode in a more consistent manner.
  • Other reasons a label/barcode may not be decoded while in the field of view are as follows:
    • The label out of focus (too close or too far away).
      See Decode Ranges for correct working range.
    • Specular reflection (reflection off a shiny surface).
    • The label is presented at an extreme angle to the scanner.