Adding CJK IME on Windows
Adding CJK IME on Windows

Adding CJK IME on Windows

To add the desired CJK input language:
  1. Click
    Control Panel
  2. If the Control Panel opens in category view, select
    Switch to Classic View
    in the top left corner.
  3. Select
    Regional and Language Options
  4. Click the
  5. Under
    Supplemental Language Support
    , select the
    Install Files for East Asian Languages
    check box if not already selected, and click
    . This may require a Windows installation CD to install the required files. This step ensures that the East Asian Languages (CJK) are available.
  6. Under
    Text Services and Input Language
    , click
  7. Under
    Installed Services
    , click
  8. In the
    Add Input Language
    dialog box, choose the CJK input language and keyboard layout or Input Method Editor (IME) to add.
  9. Click
    twice. The language indicator appears in the system tray (at bottom right corner of the desktop by default). To switch between input languages (keyboard languages) select the language indicator in the system tray.
  10. Select the language indicator in the system tray to select the desired country keyboard type.
  11. Verify that the characters displayed on each country's keyboard appear.