AAMVA Parse Fields
AAMVA Parse Fields
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AAMVA Parse Fields

The scanner uses the specified fields to parse out information from American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) compliant ID cards.
Full Name
Last Name
First Name
Middle Name / Initial
Name Suffix
Name Prefix
Mailing Address Line 1
Mailing Address Line 2
Mailing Address City
Mailing Address State
Mailing Address Postal Code
Home Address Line 1
Home Address Line 2
Home Address City
Home Address State
Home Address Postal Code
License ID Number
License Class
License Restrictions
License Endorsements
Height (Feet and/or Inches)
Height (Centimeters)
Weight (Pounds)
Weight (Kilograms)
Eye Color
Hair Color
License Expiration Date
Birth Date
License Issue Date
License Issue State
Social Security Number
Permit Class
Permit Expiration Date
Permit ID Number
Permit Issue Date
Permit Restrictions
Permit Endorsements
AKA Social Security Name
AKA Full Name
AKA Last Name
AKA First Name
AKA Middle Name / Initial
AKA Name Suffix
AKA Name Prefix
AKA Birth Date
Issue Timestamp
Number of Duplicates
Medical Codes
Organ Donor
Customer ID
Weight Range
Document Discriminator
Federal Commission Codes
Place of Birth
Audit Information
Inventory Control
Race / Ethnicity
Std Vehicle Class
Std Endorsements
Std Restrictions
Class Description
Endorsement Description
Restrictions Description
Height in Inches
Height in Centimeters
Std Endorsements