Connecting Cables to the SM72
Connecting Cables to the SM72
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Connecting Cables to the SM72

To connect cables to the SM72:
  1. Insert the host cable into the SM72 host port.
  2. If connecting an optional auxiliary scanner, insert the auxiliary scanner cable into the aux port.
  3. For an optional EAS connection, see .
  4. If connecting an optional color camera, insert the camera cable into the color camera port.
  5. If connecting an optional auxiliary scanner or color camera, connect the power supply to the power port.
If connecting the 12V power supply, you must connect this last to ensure proper scanner operation.
The USB-C connector on this device is not electrically symmetrical. The cable included with the device is designed to fit in one orientation only. Using a non-provided USB-C cable may result in inserting the cable in the wrong electrical orientation rendering the color camera inoperable.
For specific host connection instructions, see the applicable host interface chapter. The connectors illustrated are examples only, and actual cables can vary, but the steps to connect the scanner are the same.