Setting SSI Parameters
Setting SSI Parameters
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Setting SSI Parameters

You can set up a scanner with an SSI host. When using SSI, program the scanner via barcode menu or SSI hosts commands
The scanner ships with the settings shown in SSI Interface Defaults (also see Standard Parameter Defaults for all defaults). If the default values suit requirements, programming is not necessary.
To set feature values, scan a single barcode or a short barcode sequence. The settings are stored in non-volatile memory and are preserved even when the scanner powers down.
Most computer monitors allow scanning barcodes directly on the screen. When scanning from the screen, be sure to set the document magnification to a level where you can see the barcode clearly, and bars and/or spaces do not merge.
To return all features to default values, scan Set Factory Defaults. Throughout the programming barcode menus, asterisks (*) indicate default values.