Codabar Security Level
Codabar Security Level
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Codabar Security Level

Parameter #
(SSI #F8h 06h F0h)
This parameter sets the security level for Codabar 39.
The scanner offers four levels of decode security for Codabar barcodes. There is an inverse relationship between security and scanner aggressiveness. Increasing the level of security can reduce scanning aggressiveness, so select only the level of security necessary.
  • Codabar Security Level 0: This setting allows the scanner to operate in its most aggressive state, while providing sufficient security in decoding most in-spec barcodes.
  • Codabar Security Level 1: This default setting eliminates most misdecodes.
  • Codabar Security Level 2: Select this option with greater barcode security requirements if Security Level 1 fails to eliminate misdecodes.
  • Codabar Security Level 3: If you selected Security Level 2, and misdecodes still occur, select this security level to apply the highest safety requirements.
Selecting this option is an extreme measure against mis-decoding severely out-of-spec barcodes, and significantly impairs the decoding ability of the scanner. If this level of security is required, try to improve the quality of the barcodes.
Codabar Security Level 0 (0)
*Codabar Security Level 1 (1)
Codabar Security Level 2 (2)
Codabar Security Level 3 (3)