UPC Composite Mode
UPC Composite Mode
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UPC Composite Mode

Parameter #
(SSI #F0h 58h)
This parameter links UPC symbols with a 2D symbol during transmission as if they were one symbol.
  • *UPC Never Linked - Transmit UPC barcodes regardless of whether a 2D symbol is detected.
  • UPC Always Linked - Transmit UPC barcodes and the 2D portion. If 2D is not present, do not transmit the barcode.
  • Autodiscriminate UPC Composites - The scanner determines if there is a 2D portion, then transmits the UPC, as well as the 2D portion if present.
*UPC Never Linked (0)
UPC Always Linked (1)
Autodiscriminate UPC Composites (2)