MSI Check Digits
MSI Check Digits
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MSI Check Digits

Parameter #
(SSI #32h)
This parameter checks the MSI check digit to verify that the data complies with the specified check digit algorithm.
With MSI symbols, one check digit is mandatory and always verified by the reader. The second check digit is optional. If the MSI codes include two check digits, select the Two MSI Check Digits option to enable verification of the second check digit.
  • 0 - Does not check the MSI check digit; decodes MSI with no check digit.
  • 1 - This is for MSI barcodes with one check digit. This is the default.
  • 2 - This is for MSI barcodes with two check digits.
See MSI Check Digit Algorithm to select second digit algorithms.
No MSI Check Digit (0)
*One MSI Check Digits (1)
Two MSI Check Digits 2D Barcode
Two MSI Check Digit (2)