USB Device Type
USB Device Type
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USB Device Type

Scan one of the following barcodes to select the USB device type.
To select a country keyboard type for the USB HID Keyboard host, see Country Codes .
  • When changing USB device types, the scanner resets and issues the standard startup beep sequences.
  • When connecting two scanners to a host, IBM does not allow selecting two of the same device type. If you require two connections, select an IBM Table-top USB for one scanner and an IBM Hand-held USB for the second scanner.
  • Select OPOS (IBM Hand-held with Full Disable) to completely shut off the scanner when an IBM register issues a Scan Disable command, including aim, illumination, decoding, and data transmission.
  • Before selecting USB CDC Host, ensure your host OS has a USB CDC driver installed. For reference, Windows 10 includes a native (built-in) USB CDC driver. To recover a scanner stalled (non-functional) in USB CDC mode:
    • Install a USB CDC Driver
    • For USB CDC Host, send the following two-byte sequences to the decoder. ESC is ASCII 27.
      • Temporarily switch to SSI Over USB CDC: ESC s (lower case s or ASCII 115)
      • Permanently switch to SSI Over USB CDC: ESC S (upper case S or ASCII 83)
      • Temporarily switch to SNAPI: ESC a (lowercase a or ASCII 97).
      • Permanently switch to SNAPI: ESC A (upper case A or ASCII 65)
  • Select USB HID POS to communicate over a USB cable with Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications running on Windows 10 devices.
*USB HID Keyboard
IBM Table-top USB
IBM Hand-held USB
OPOS (IBM Hand-held with Full Disable)
Symbol Native API (SNAPI) without Imaging Interface
Symbol Native API (SNAPI) with Imaging Interface
USB HID POS (Windows 10 devices only)