USB Staging Flash Drive
USB Staging Flash Drive

USB Staging Flash Drive

Manual staging/configuring the scanner device with a USB flash drive has multiple uses.
Power should be connected before a USB is inserted. The USB should be removed before the power is disconnected.
This feature is only supported with USB 3.0 or above flash drives.
A staging USB flash drive can be used to:
  • Set up the scanner system from a 123Scan-generated set of files.
  • Perform scanner system cloning and/or
  • Collect statistics, usage, and diagnostics data from the scanner.
123Scan and/or the scanning device can create a staging flash drive. A 123Scan-generated staging flash drive can perform device setups from 123Scan to multiple devices. A scanner-generated staging flash drive can perform the following functions:
  • Device cloning from one scanner to multiple scanners.
  • Back up system settings from a device (the parameter settings can be imported into 123Scan).
  • Collect statistics, usage, and diagnostics data (the data can be viewed in 123Scan).