Cloning Files
Cloning Files

Cloning Files

Cloning files can be loaded to the staging flash drive in two ways.
  1. Insert the staging flash drive in the USB port backside the scanner.
    It is recommended to start with a clean flash drive.
    While the staging flash drive is inserted:
    • Do not remove power.
    • Do not remove or connect any cables.
    • Do not press the any buttons.
    As these actions may interfere with the staging process.
    1. When the staging flash drive inserts correctly, the scanner detects the drive, and sounds two beeps (low/high).
    2. The scanner identifies the data on the USB flash drive and the two beep sounds continue.
  2. Scan the parameter barcodes below to confirm the USB Staging Flash Drive is successfully connected with the scanner.
    If the device is successfully connected a good decode beep will sound otherwise an error beep will sound.
When the process is complete (time varies) the LED blinks green to indicate process success or sustains red for a few seconds to indicate an error.
If the process failed, try again or contact the System Administrator.
Premature removal of the staging flash drive may result in a partial change in the system