PDF Prioritization
PDF Prioritization
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PDF Prioritization

Parameter #
(SSI # F4h F1h CFh)
Enable this parameter to delay decoding certain 1D barcodes by the value specified in PDF Prioritization Timeout.
During the PDF Prioritization Timeout time, the scanner attempts to decode a PDF417 symbol (for example, on a US driver's license), and if successful, reports this only. If it does not decode (cannot find) a PDF417 symbol, it reports the 1D symbol after the timeout. The 1D symbol must be in the device’s field of view for the scanner to report it. This parameter does not affect decoding other symbologies.
The 1D Code 128 barcode lengths include the following:
  • 7 to 10 characters
  • 14 to 22 characters
  • 27 to 28 characters
In addition, a Code 39 barcode with the following lengths are considered to potentially be part of a US driver’s license:
  • 8 characters
  • 12 characters
Enable PDF Prioritization (1)
*Disable PDF Prioritization (0)