securPharm Decoding
securPharm Decoding
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securPharm Decoding

Parameter #
(SSI # F8h 06h D8h)
securPharm implements the IFA and GS1 Coding System for the European pharmaceutical industry. securPharm code is used to prevent pharmaceutical counterfeiting. This parameter enables or disables the ability to process pharmaceutical type barcodes.
When this feature is enabled, if a GS1 symbol is decoded and includes any aspects of the Application Identifier associated with the securPharm GS1 specifications, the entire GS1 symbol is processed as a securPharm symbol. For this reason, it is expected that under certain circumstances, a GS1 barcodes that is a securPharm symbol may not be processed properly; if the GS1 symbol is not created as per the specification. The output cannot be guaranteed as valid.
Although the GS1-128 type and the GS1 DataBar family are not specifically indicated in the IFA specification, they are supported.
The securPharm output is in XML format and can include the product number, serial number, lot number, expiration and Date of Manufacturing. The XML tags can be arranged in any order. Tags that are not in the barcode are omitted. For example:
<content dfi=”value_dfi”>
  • value_dfi = IFA or GS1
  • Daten_1 to Daten_n is the production number, serial number, etc.
*Disable securPharm Decoding (0)
Enable securPharm Decoding (1)