Determining Software Versions
Determining Software Versions

Determining Software Versions

Before contacting Customer Support, determine the current software version on your device.
  1. Swipe down from the Status bar with two fingers to open the Quick Access panel, and then touch .
  2. Touch
    About phone
  3. Scroll to view the following information:
    • Status
    • Battery information
    • Emergency information
    • SW components
    • Legal information
    • Model & hardware
    • Model
    • Android version
      • Android security patch level
      • Android security patch version
      • Google Play system update
      • Baseband version
      • Kernel version
      • Build Fingerprint
      • Build number
      • Android Security Update
    To determine the device IMEI information (WWAN only), touch
    About phone
    • IMEI
      - Displays the IMEI number for the device.
    • IMEI SV
      - Displays the IMEI software version (SV) number for the device.