Rack Mount Installation
Rack Mount Installation

Rack Mount Installation

Use screws provided with rack system. Refer to rack user documentation for instructions.
Installer should ensure that all building codes are followed when connecting the power supplies to an AC power source.
While installing the brackets, power supplies and cables:
  • Use tie wraps to secure cables to the bracket and rails.
  • Coil cables wherever possible.
  • Route power cables along the rails.
  • Route inter-cradle cables to the side rails and then from the rails to the bracket.
  1. Secure mounting brackets to both sides of top tray with four M5 screws (two on each side). For 5-Slot cradles, position the flange for horizontal installation. For 4-Slot Battery Chargers, position the flange for 25° installation.
    Flange Horizontal Position (5-Slot Cradles)
    horizontal position
    Fifth screw hole
    Flange 25° Position (4-Slot Battery Chargers)
    25 degree position
    Top screw hole
  2. Install mounting bracket with 5-Slot cradle at a maximum height of four feet from ground. Install mounting bracket with 4-Slot Battery Charger at a maximum height of three feet from ground.
    Distance between two horizontal mounted brackets should be at least 14” apart (from top of one flange to the top of the next flange). Distance between a horizontal mounted bracket and a 25° mounted bracket should be at least 16.25” apart (from top of one flange to the top of the next flange). There should be enough clearance (2.75”) between the top of the device and the bottom of the mounting bracket above.
  3. Install two rack system screws for top of mounting brackets. The screw heads should protrude half way from the rail.
    install rack screws
  4. Align the mounting bracket’s top mounting key holes with the screws.
  5. Place the brackets on the screws.
    place brackets on screws
  6. Secure the top screws.
  7. Install bottom screws and tighten screws.
  8. Route cables and connect to power source.