Answering Calls
Answering Calls

Answering Calls

When receiving a phone call, the
Incoming Call
screen displays the caller ID and any additional information about the caller that is in the
Not all options are available for all configurations.
To modify phone call settings, on the Home screen touch > >
  • Touch
    to answer the call or
    to send the caller to voice mail.
    If the screen lock is enabled, the user can answer the call without unlocking the device.
  • When a call arrives:
    • Touch green phone icon and slide up to answer the call.
    • Touch green phone icon and slide down to send the call to voice mail.
    • Touch text message icon to open a list of quick text responses. Touch one to send it to the caller immediately.
    When the calls ends, the device remains locked.
    If using a Bluetooth headset when a call arrives, touch the Call button on the Bluetooth headset to answer the call. To end the call press the headset Call button.
    All incoming calls are recorded in the Phone app Call log tab. If you miss a call, you receive a notification. To silence the ringer before answering the call, press the volume down button on the side of device.