Charging the Battery
Charging the Battery

Charging the Battery

Before using the device for the first time, charge the main battery until the green Charging/Notification light emitting diode (LED) remains lit. To charge the device using a cable or a cradle with the appropriate power supply.
For information about the accessories available for the device see Accessories for more information. The battery charges from fully depleted to 90% in approximately 2.5 hours, and from fully depleted to 100% in approximately three hours.
In many cases the 90% charge provides plenty of charge for daily use. A full 100% charge lasts for approximately 14 hours of use.
To achieve the optimal fast charging results use only Zebra charging accessories and batteries. Charge batteries at room temperature with the device in sleep mode.
Charge batteries in temperatures from 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F). The device or accessory always performs battery charging in a safe and intelligent manner. At higher temperatures (for example: approximately +37°C (+98°F)) the device or accessory may for small periods of time alternately enable and disable battery charging to keep the battery at acceptable temperatures. The device or accessory indicates when charging is disabled due to abnormal temperatures via its LED and a notification appears on the display.
To charge the main battery:
  1. Connect the charging accessory to the appropriate power source.
  2. Insert the device into a cradle or attach it to a cable. The device turns on and begins charging. The Charging/Notification LED blinks amber while charging, then turns solid green when fully charged.