5-Slot Ethernet Cradle Troubleshooting
5-Slot Ethernet Cradle Troubleshooting

5-Slot Ethernet Cradle Troubleshooting

The table below provides troubleshooting options for the cradle.
Troubleshooting the 5-Slot Ethernet Cradle
During communication, no data transmits, or transmitted data was incomplete.
Device removed from cradle during communications.
Replace device in cradle and retransmit.
Incorrect cable configuration.
Ensure that the correct cable configuration.
Device has no active connection.
An icon is visible in the status bar if a connection is currently active.
Battery is not charging.
Device removed from the cradle too soon.
Replace the device in the cradle. The battery charges from fully depleted to 90% in approximately 2.5 hours and from fully depleted to 100% in approximately three hours.
Battery is faulty.
Verify that other batteries charge properly. If so, replace the faulty battery.
Device is not inserted correctly in the cradle.
Remove the device and reinsert it correctly. Verify charging is active. Touch
About phone
to view battery status.
Ambient temperature of the cradle is too warm.
Move the cradle to an area where the ambient temperature is between 5°C (+41°F) and +40°C (+104°F).