Device Troubleshooting
Device Troubleshooting

Device Troubleshooting

Provides solutions to common device issues.
Troubleshooting the Device
After installing the battery, the device does not boot up.
Power button was not pressed.
Press the Power button.
When pressing the power button the device does not turn on.
Battery not charged.
Charge or replace the battery in the device.
Battery not installed properly.
Install the battery properly.
System crash.
Perform a reset.
When pressing the power button the device does not turn on but two LEDs blink.
Battery charge is at a level where data is maintained but battery should be re-charged.
Charge or replace the battery in the device.
Battery did not charge.
Battery failed.
Replace battery. If the device still does not operate, perform a reset.
Device removed from cradle while battery was charging.
Insert device in cradle. See Charging the Device.
Extreme battery temperature.
Battery does not charge if ambient temperature is below 5°C (41°F) or above 40°C (104°F).
Cannot see characters on display.
Device not powered on.
Press the Power button.
During data communication with a host computer, no data transmitted, or transmitted data was incomplete.
Device removed from cradle or disconnected from host computer during communication.
Replace the device in the cradle, or reattach the communication cable and re-transmit.
Incorrect cable configuration.
See the system administrator.
Communication software was incorrectly installed or configured.
Perform setup.
During data communication over Wi-Fi, no data transmitted, or transmitted data was incomplete.
Wi-Fi radio is not on.
Turn on the Wi-Fi radio.
You moved out of range of an access point.
Move closer to an access point.
During data communication over Bluetooth, no data transmitted, or transmitted data was incomplete.
Bluetooth radio is not on.
Turn on the Bluetooth radio.
You moved out of range of another Bluetooth device.
Move within 10 meters (32.8 feet) of the other device.
During data communication over WAN, no data transmitted, or transmitted data was incomplete.
You are in an area of poor cellular service.
Move into an area that has better service.
APN is not set up correctly.
See system administrator for APN setup information.
SIM card not installed properly.
Remove and re-install the SIM card.
Data plan not activated.
Contact your service provider and ensure that your data plan is enable.
No sound.
Volume setting is low or turned off.
Adjust the volume.
Device shuts off.
Device is inactive.
The display turns off after a period of inactivity. Set this period to 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1, 2, 5, 10 or 30 minutes.
Battery is depleted.
Replace the battery.
Tapping the window buttons or icons does not activate the corresponding feature.
The device is not responding.
Reboot the device.
A message appears stating that the device memory is full.
Too many files stored on the device.
Delete unused memos and records. If necessary, save these records on the host computer (or use an SD card for additional memory).
Too many applications installed on the device.
Remove user-installed applications on the device to recover memory. Select
Apps & notifications
. Select the app in the list and select
The device does not decode with reading barcode.
Scanning application is not loaded.
Load a scanning application on the device or enable DataWedge. See the system administrator.
Unreadable barcode.
Ensure the symbol is not defaced.
Distance between exit window and barcode is incorrect.
Place the device within proper scanning range.
Device is not programmed for the barcode.
Program the device to accept the type of barcode being scanned. Refer to the EMDK or DataWedge application.
Device is not programmed to generate a beep.
If the device does not beep on a good decode, set the application to generate a beep on good decode.
Battery is low.
If the scanner stops emitting a laser beam upon a trigger press, check the battery level. When the battery is low, the scanner shuts off before the device low battery condition notification. Note: If the scanner is still not reading symbols, contact the distributor or the Global Customer Support Center.
Device cannot find any Bluetooth devices nearby.
Too far from other Bluetooth devices.
Move closer to the other Bluetooth device(s), within a range of 10 meters (32.8 feet).
The Bluetooth device(s) nearby are not turned on.
Turn on the Bluetooth device(s) to find.
The Bluetooth device(s) are not in discoverable mode.
Set the Bluetooth device(s) to discoverable mode. If needed, refer to the device’s user documentation for help.
Cannot unlock device.
User enters incorrect password.
If the user enters an incorrect password five times, the user is requested to wait for 30 seconds when using a PIN, Pattern or Password.