Configure the Alert Button
Configure the Alert Button

Configure the Alert Button

This section provides basic configuration. For detailed information on configuring the Alert button, refer to
Configure the Alert button through StageNow, using the following Configuration Service Providers (CSPs).
  • PowerMgr - Set All Wake-Up Sources to Turn on. This wakes the device if it is in Sleep mode.
  • Intent - Create a new setting:
    • Mode - Set to Schedule sending of Intent on key presses.
    • Keep Device Awake - Enable this option to keep the device awake after the short key press.
    • Key Identifier - Select a remappable key. For example, Rear Button.
    • Android Action Name - Enter the action name. For example, to initiate a call, enter android.intent.action.CALL.
    • URI - Enter the URI. For example, to call a phone number, enter tel:123456789.
  • KeyMappingMgr - Modify the default behavior of the button. It is recommended to set this to
    . Otherwise, the button performs its default behavior and sends out an alert.