Notifications Icons
Notifications Icons

Notifications Icons

Notification icons indicate app events and messages.
Notification Icons
Battery Status Very Low Icon
Main battery is low.
More notifications are available for viewing.
Data is synching.
Upcoming event icon
Indicates an upcoming event. AOSP devices only.
Indicates an upcoming event. GMS devices only.
Open Wi-Fi network is available.
Audio is playing.
Problem with sign-in or sync has occurred.
Device is uploading data.
Animated: the device is downloading data. Static: the download is complete.
Device is connected to or disconnected from a virtual private network (VPN).
Preparing internal storage by checking it for errors.
USB debugging is enabled on the device.
Call is in progress (WWAN only).
The mailbox contains one or more voice message (WWAN only).
Call on hold icon
Call is on hold (WWAN only).
Call missed icon
Call was missed (WWAN only).
Wired headset icon
Wired headset with a boom module is connected to the device.
Wired headset with boom mic icon
Wired headset without a boom module is connected to the device.
PTT Express enabled icon
PTT Express Voice client status. See PTT Express PTT Notification Icons for a complete list.
Indicates the RxLogger app is running.
Indicates the Bluetooth scanner is connected to the device.
Indicates the ring scanner is connected to the device in HID mode.