Interactive Sensor Technology
Interactive Sensor Technology

Interactive Sensor Technology

The device contains sensors that monitor movement, orientation and ambient light.
  • Gyroscope - Measures angular rotational velocity to detect rotation of the device.
  • Accelerometer - Measures the linear acceleration of movement to detect the orientation of the device.
  • Digital Compass - The digital compass or magnetometer provides simple orientation in relation to the Earth's magnetic field. As a result, the device always knows which way is North so it can auto rotate digital maps depending on the physical orientation of the device.
  • Light Sensor - Detects ambient light and adjusts the screen brightness.
  • Pressure Sensor - Detects pressure on the touch screen.
In order to take advantage of these sensors, applications use API commands. Refer to the Google Android Sensor APIs for more information. For information on the Zebra Android EMDK, go to: