Enterprise NFC Settings
Enterprise NFC Settings

Enterprise NFC Settings

Improve NFC performance or increase battery life by selecting which NFC features to use on the device.
  • Card Detection Mode
    - Select a card detection mode.
    • Low
      - Increases battery life by lowering the NFC detection speed.
    • Hybrid
      - Provides a balance between NFC detection speed and battery life (default).
    • Standard
      - Provides the optimal NFC detection speed, but reduces battery life.
  • Supported Card Technology
    - Select an option to detect only one NFC tag type, increasing battery life, but reducing detection speed.
    • ISO 14443 Type A
    • ISO 14443 Type B
    • FeliCa
    • ISO15693
  • NFC Debug Logging
    - Use to enable or disable debug logging for NFC.