Zebra Wi-Fi Locationing Provider Solution
Zebra Wi-Fi Locationing Provider Solution

Zebra Wi-Fi Locationing Provider Solution

Zebra Wi-Fi Locationing Provider is a proprietary solution based on a proprietary API service that extends Android native APIs.
An application that integrates this solution can benefit from the following:
  • The service provides computed live Location Updates, such as Global or Local 3-dimensional positioning data. Applications using the service do not need to compute the positioning from raw RTT distance measures. The service does this for them.
  • The outcome of positioning data is within 1-meter accuracy.
  • Registering with the service is via an extension to the Android Location Manager, and the Location Updates of the computed position are provided to the application in a standard position format.
Additionally, the service ensures the following device performance during FTM and Location Updates activities:
  • Latency-sensitive traffic, such as Voice and Video, is not interrupted.
  • High Throughput Application's Speed (Mbps) is impacted only negligibly.
  • Net battery draining is negligible.
The following table depicts the performance metrics of deploying FTM using the Zebra Locationing Provider, compared to deploying FTM using other solutions.
FTM Activities and Location Updates
Solutions using Zebra Locationing Provider
Other FTM Solutions Not Using Zebra Locationing Provider
During Voice and Video
User Experience of Audio and/or Video is not interrupted
Inconsistent. Sometimes interrupted, leading to choppiness.
During High Throughput
Average reduction of speed: 1-5%
Rare worst-case reduction: 10%
Average reduction of speed: 10-15%
Frequent dip reductions: 20-25%
Battery Consumption
Net consumption: ~5% in 12-hours
Net consumption: ~12% in 12-hours